Sunday, July 20, 2008

Colour space in Lightroom

I have had trouble getting photos exported from Lightroom to look the same as the photos displayed in Lightroom. The images seemed to lack colour saturation, the colours seemed to shift in their hue slightly and the contrast was reduced.

I realised that in the export mode you can set which colour space you wish to use when exporting the photos. I was using the standard 1998 setting. I tried using the sRGB setting and have got much better results so far. I have been warned however that using this setting can result in a loss of image quality but so far I am yet to see exactly what this means. I have actually set a colour space using a screen calibration device but I haven't worked out how I can use this colour space when exporting! Any ideas anyone? It's not coming up as an option when I export from Lightroom.

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Mark said...

Hi Dan,

The profile from the calibration device is only for the monitor and not the printer although with the right equipment you can make one for the printer too. If you need more information on this topic then follow the link below as this site explains the whole subject better than I can.