Sunday, June 29, 2008

More red squirrels

I went back to Alverstone Mead Hide a week ago and saw the reds again. As curious and quick as ever, I found that this time photographing them was much harder. The canopy overhead was fully overgrown meaning that very little light was getting through and I had to push the ISO to 1600 to get fast enough shutter speeds. This resulted in low depth of field which caused no end of problems trying to get sharp enough images. In the end, I managed to get this shot of a brave little squirrel who was keen to see what I was doing. The image isn't technically great as I have chopped a bit of the ears off and the image doesn't have a lot of depth of field. But I say that despite all this, the image is a good one as the posture and poise of the squirrel is just right and means the squirrel jumps off the screen and grabs your attention. Now that is what photography is about and I'm quite pleased to have got this shot. What do you think? Comments on this blog welcome!

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Rosie Parsons said...

Hey Daniel!

Thanks for your comments on my blog!

I love this image, not sure why you are worried about the depth of field? I deliberately try and get a shallow depth of field when I shoot, I think it looks great.

Nice work on your site!