Monday, May 26, 2008

Reflections - The world in your eyes

The world in your eyes
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Becs needed some new sunglasses when we were on holiday and these ones looked fab on her. When we were out walking together, I was amazed at the reflection that appeared so sharp in the glasses and how wide-angle the glasses are.

I decided to try and photograph her to get the reflection sharp. I took a few photos and eventually got myself out of the reflection (actually quite tricky).

In post processing, I overexposed it and put some extra colour saturation so that it appeared almost an ethereal picture.

To improve on this, I could try to overlay an ethereal scene into her glasses or a scene from armageddon or something. My photoshop skills aren't that good so I might just try photographing her again like this but in front of run down derelict house or ruin (something evocative) and put it into black and white!

What do you think?

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