Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Telling a story

I have had the privilege recently of having some friends who are artists give me some constructive feedback on my photography and I thought I might share some of what has been said.
I chose to get feedback from artists as it is the creative, artistic approach to photography that I feel I lack the most.
The resounding feedback I am getting is that my photos aren't evoking enough of an emotional response. Although the pictures are techically good (sharp, good contrast and saturation, good composition) they aren't telling enough of a story. This is good feedback. Its not just good enough to photograph a scene well. It needs to tell a story, bring across mood, evoke an emotion, transport you there... You might apply this feedback to say landscape photography (like the photo above from Jay Wesler) only by I think this can apply to all types. Whether photographing people, animals, buildings or flowers its not just enough to capture the object. It needs to tell a story!

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